Music – Memorable Songs

Music has a continuing and profound impact on me. I’m very much attracted to different music based upon my moods. Lately though I have noticed that there are certain songs that will always have meaning to me.

First a song that I used to love, but now cannot even listen to.
Lifehouse – Hanging by a Moment. A shame, a truly wonderful song.

A song that I should hate but just can’t seem to:
Seven and the Sun – Walk With Me

Songs I look to for inspiration:
Creed – Higher
Blessed Union of the Soul – I Believe

Songs I listen to when I’m frustrated:
Papa Roach – Not Listening (I sometimes call this my theme song)

Songs that I still like despite the fact they’ve been made into a cliche:
Greenday – Good Riddance

Other songs I just love:
Goo Goo Dolls – We are the Normal and Acoustic #3 (and so may others)
Garth Brooks – The River, Standing Outside the Fire
Vertical Horizon – Everything you Want
Cascada – A Never Ending Dream
Nickelback – How you remind me, Far Away

Break-up Songs:
Early Stage: Evanescance – My Immortal
Angry pretend to be OK stage: Evanescance – Everybody’s Fool
Middle Stage: Cardinal Trait – So Called Friend
Almost Over It: Cardinal Trait – Every now and then (Their whole CD seems to be relationship based I swear)
Over It: Garth Brooks – Unanswered Prayers

Relationship songs are very much defined by the relationship, thus there are none here.

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