About Devin Ronge

I have a lifelong passion for technology.  If it is a gadget of any shape or size it is of great interest to me.  I was fortunate to grow up in a household that always had a computer and I knew where all of the letters were on the keyboard before I spoke. Thanks Mom & Dad and our Atari 400.

Photo of Devin Ronge

A photo of myself taken by http://www.uncorkedstudios.me/

I began writing Basic programs when I was 11 and I haven’t stopped programming since. I was 12 whenever we first got internet access via a small local dial-up provider and I immediately created my first web page, using notepad, on hosting provided by them. I dabbled in Linux and C++ around age 13 and set up a network that allowed our two computers to share the internet connection.  

In junior and senior high-school I regularly worked on websites developed primarily in Perl and PHP and frequented IRC channels.  I earned spending money by tutoring individuals in basic computer skills, performing computer repair and building new computer systems.

My parents were always very supportive of my interest in computers and technology and I am very grateful for that.  During my teenage years they did grow slightly concerned that I wasn’t going outside enough so my father and I got involved in remote controlled aircraft and that successfully got me out of the house.

My geeky childhood paid off as I have earned a Master’s degree in Software Engineering and am a Software Engineer at a Fortune 100 Company.  I develop web applications with C# and Asp.NET on the back end with your standard HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery on the front end.

Whenever I’m not in front of a computer, which everyone will tell you is rare, I enjoy spending time outdoors. Playing with my nieces and nephew and retreating to our small family cabin in the woods.