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Highway of Life

Borrowing an idea from a popular song and gathering my thoughts of what I have always considered fate to be I’ve formulated the following:

Life is an intricate series of highways small curvy ones provide surprises & adventure at every turn, larger straight roads are reliable and allow you to travel great distances quickly. Your life is a constant journey, where you stop only to sleep.

Potential decisions are represented by intersections and on-ramps. Your choices reflected by turns, none are final, some merely more difficult to change than others.

Happiness is found by taking the correct combination of small roads to keep life interesting and large roads to accomplish your goals and live your dreams.

Both types allow for hiccups along the way. Flat tires, bent rims, lost keys, and other malfunctions may occur at anytime to slow you down or shift your path.

Relationships in life occur when people meet and choose to travel down the same path, or at least agree to cross paths regularly. Sadly (or happily) peoples’ paths sometimes separate. Fortunately travelers find that many roads cross more than once, and may find themselves in a renewed relationship once again. Alternatively sometimes peoples’ paths can cross that should not and result in a crash.

Family and friends can serve as guides through the confusing highways of life. Urging you to stay on certain roads and helping to navigate you back to roads you have unintentionally lost. Ultimately the route you take is up to you and you alone.

Music – Memorable Songs

Music has a continuing and profound impact on me. I’m very much attracted to different music based upon my moods. Lately though I have noticed that there are certain songs that will always have meaning to me.

First a song that I used to love, but now cannot even listen to.
Lifehouse – Hanging by a Moment. A shame, a truly wonderful song.

A song that I should hate but just can’t seem to:
Seven and the Sun – Walk With Me

Songs I look to for inspiration:
Creed – Higher
Blessed Union of the Soul – I Believe

Songs I listen to when I’m frustrated:
Papa Roach – Not Listening (I sometimes call this my theme song)

Songs that I still like despite the fact they’ve been made into a cliche:
Greenday – Good Riddance

Other songs I just love:
Goo Goo Dolls – We are the Normal and Acoustic #3 (and so may others)
Garth Brooks – The River, Standing Outside the Fire
Vertical Horizon – Everything you Want
Cascada – A Never Ending Dream
Nickelback – How you remind me, Far Away

Break-up Songs:
Early Stage: Evanescance – My Immortal
Angry pretend to be OK stage: Evanescance – Everybody’s Fool
Middle Stage: Cardinal Trait – So Called Friend
Almost Over It: Cardinal Trait – Every now and then (Their whole CD seems to be relationship based I swear)
Over It: Garth Brooks – Unanswered Prayers

Relationship songs are very much defined by the relationship, thus there are none here.